Focus Areas

Our Areas of Focus & Expertise


Most organizations undertake some sort of process to formulate or update their strategic plan on a periodic basis.

While some consultants have a standard process, we’ve found that every organization means something different by strategic planning and is at a different “point A” trying to move to a different “point B” and hitting different challenges along the way.

Together, we’ll design a process to help you figure out where you are, where you want to (or should be going) and how best to get there – leveraging your opportunities and working through your challenges.


Governance is the process by which decisions and accountability are managed in organizations.  At the board or ownership team level, these decisions often center around mission, vision, strategy and managing risk.

For boards and leadership teams in most industries, a dominant governance challenge is how to successfully navigate strategy in the face of the unique disruptive forces facing the organization.

In many organizations, the people and culture conversations concern talent development, productivity and labor, engagement and inclusion – increasingly competing with cyber risks for the top governance concerns of the board.

We got a knack for helping organizations open the “lens” through which they see their business – often with some white paper research and challenge of the status quo.  And we love to work with boards that are navigating the management-board boundaries dynamic.  Stephanie has also worked with a number of boards on issues of leadership succession, both as a board member and as a consultant.


Even after a team has taken the time to outline strategic priorities, there are often challenges with execution.

Diagnosing where and why there are execution challenges often boils down to whether those priorities are clear to the entire organization and whether the organization has the critical capabilities to execute the strategy.

A neutral, external sounding board, honest broker and leadership coach can help boards and leadership teams articulate and address these challenges.  Stephanie has worked with a number of organizations in this capacity.

People & Organization

For select clients on a retained or project basis, Stephanie is available to augment their existing human resources team in strategic areas:

  • Culture & Engagement
  • Succession & Talent
  • Executive Coaching
  • Retained & Interim HR
  • HRIS Dashboards
  • Audits & Investigations